Melissa & Doug Jumbo Brown Teddy Bear

Melissa & Doug Jumbo Brown Teddy Bear
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This soft cuddly bear from Melissa & Doug is over 30 inches tall when sitting, and 36 inches tall when standing. It can actually sit alone, without being propped against something. This sweet brown bear is a wonderful friend for someone special in your world. Melissa & Doug bears also come in pink, blue and even Panda colored. The bear is cozy enough to use as a pillow for sleeping, or as a soft place to lean when watching TV. Jumbo feels life sized, and is big enough for some kids to nap on. It would also be a nice companion for your girlfriend if you have to be away a lot, and you want to leave a soft something behind to keep her company. The Jumbo Teddy Bear has traditional Teddy bear features, a round head, round ears and sweet face. He even has a little tail.  The fluffy fur might shed a tiny bit, but only in the beginning. Like all Melissa & Doug toys, this Teddy Bear is well constructed with strong seams, so it will not fall apart of leak stuffing. This is a bear built to last.  A giant Teddy Bear like Jumbo would be a great gift for anyone.

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