Cozy Cuddles 47” Big Plush Teddy Bear

Cozy Cuddles 47” Big Plush Teddy Bear
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The Cozy Cuddles is a 47” plush Teddy Bear ready to share lots of love. He wears a bow tie, making him look like a present all year round. Cozy has rounded arms, so when you hug him, he hugs back. He is soft and warm, perfect for leaning on while watching a movie, or when taking a nap. The fuzzy fur fabric is high quality, so it will not shed or go bald. You can order this bear in a few different colors, light to dark browns, white and black. The eyes are sewn in tightly so they will not come out and cause a choking hazard. He has a sweet smile, and an adorable black nose.  At almost 4 feet tall when standing, Cozy is bigger than a lot of 4th graders! He will be a wonderful companion for a child for many years.

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