Wonderworld Ride-On Recycling Truck

Wonderworld Ride-On Recycling Truck
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Your baby can learn to be sensitive to the environment, and have a lot of fun with the Wonderworld Ride-on Recycling Truck. The truck is made from rubber wood, a renewable wood source from Thailand. The dyes and paints are non-toxic and safe for baby. The glue holding the wood together is formaldehyde free. You can rest assured that this toy will not bring harmful toxins into your baby’s world. The Recycling truck measures 18” x 18” x 10”, so it’s a good size for most homes… It has a cargo storage area under the seat to store toys or bits and pieces that your child collects. Your 18 month old can ride around pretending to recycle and clean up the environment. What a great way to learn environmental sensitivity! The Recycling truck can be towed by an adult by attaching the included rope to the front bumper. This makes it great for taking walks with a child who refuses a stroller, but can’t quite keep up otherwise. Click here to buy it at the cheapest price.

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