Fisher Price Zen Collection Cradle Swing

Fisher Price Zen Collection Cradle Swing
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If you don’t want to have your life disrupted by wild colors, the Fisher Price Zen Collection Swing is the one for you. The swing comes in natural colors and tones, browns, moss green leaves, and a red accent. It fits perfectly into a contemporary household. The mobile is free moving, not attached to a battery, and has natural wooden birds hanging from it. Like other swings, the Zen swing rocks your baby side to side, or rotates to go front to back. There are 2 sound tracks, one with special Zen-like soothing sounds, and the other plays 14 specially orchestrated lullabies. However, the thing that really sets this swing apart is the seat. It is basket shaped to cradle even the smallest babies, and can be removed from the swing. Wooden handles and a wooden base on the seat mean that if your baby falls asleep, you can take the seat with you to another room, without having to disturb the baby by taking him out of the seat. The footprint of the swing is 26 x 33 inches, and it is 47 inches tall, so it is good sized. It can be folded up and put aside when not in use, so it won’t always be taking up room. The seat pad and pillows are washable. Assembly is straight forward, and requires only a Phillips screwdriver. Clear instructions come with the package. The swing uses 4 D batteries, but can be plugged in with an AC adaptor.

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