baby teddy bearWhat could be more cuddly and sweet than a Teddy Bear? A GIANT Teddy Bear is a giant reminder to that brand new baby, favorite niece or nephew, to a girlfriend, or even your grandmother, how much you love them. Fuzzy and soft fur, make them so nice to have around. All of these bears have sweet faces and arms for hugging. They are all well-constructed, with fur that has minimal to zero shedding. The stitching is strong, and the eyes are secure, so you don’t have to worry about babies pulling on them. A giant teddy bear can be a friend, a pillow, a cuddle toy, and even a life sized companion. What a perfect gift for your girlfriend on Valentine’s Day. And wouldn’t a giant teddy bear look adorable in the corner of a new baby’s nursery? The baby can spend years with his or her bear friend. And for someone elderly and alone, the giant bear is a nice reminder how much you love them. It might even give them someone to talk to. Kids will love watching TV or reading while leaning against their bear. Giant Teddy bears are big cozy friends who always have a warm hug for you.


A Giant Teddy Bear is a great gift for so many occasions. They make a great shower gift for a new baby. You can surprise a child on a birthday or under the Christmas tree with an enormous stuffed bear. They make a fabulous Valentine’s Day Gift for a girlfriend, or wife. Cuddly bears make a great reminder to them how soft and sensitive you can be. And if you messed up, a giant teddy bear is a huge way to say “I’m Sorry”. These bears are all well made, and will last for years, even with lots of hugging and playing. You can find them in lots of different colors, and it big and bigger and even BIGGER sizes. They are great for playing. You can use them for hugging. And they make great pillows for naps. Some people even like to tuck them into bed when they go to sleep, so they don’t feel so alone. Whether you are looking for a bear that sits in the corner as a decoration and a reminder of how much you love someone, or you want a giant teddy bear that is a cuddly companion, these bears are certain to make someone very happy.


Here’s a List of  5 of the Best Giant Teddy Bears